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Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I
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Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I
I am fascinated by how our bodies function, both physically and mentally, yet still have a hard time understanding simple aspects of life. By viewing our complex structures through a quasi macbre/child-like mentality, I am trying to make and understand those connections between myself and of nature. We both grow physically, but I also believe that, similar to myself, nature can grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We also become dormant in some seasons (or rather, phases of our lives) only to bloom again as we change throughout time. Even though both can show histories and beauty there lies plenty of ruin between them, whether it's human onto nature, or nature onto human and everything in between. Whether from selfish desires or means of survival we co-habit the same space in a very similarly beautiful and terrifying process.

Bracchium, 20x24, photographic collage, 2010.

Angulus, 20x24, photographic collage, 2009.

En la mano de Dios, 20x24, photographic collage, 2010.

Digitus Primus, 20x24, photographic collage, 2009.

Oricula Auris, 20x24, photographic collage, 2011.

Cruris fasciae latae, 20x24, photographic collage, 2011.

Ab imo pectore, 20x24, photographic collage, 2012.